There is a very strong tradition of hunting hounds in Monmouthshire, stretching back over 300 years to 1695, when Mr Matthew Powell kept his pack of hounds at Llantilio. There have doubtless been many changes and adaptations in the way hounds have been hunted in Monmouthshire over the centuries. The Monmouthshire Hunt is still however an intrinsic part of the local community, organising charity events and social gatherings throughout the calendar.

The Monmouthshire Hunt country covers a large part of Monmouthshire with a few coverts along the border in Herefordshire. We have a wide variety of terrain to follow trails over. There are hills & mountains in the north, vale country in the middle & large tracks of forestry in the south, near Monmouth & the Wye valley. Like most parts of the UK, the country has changed quite dramatically over the years as farming practises have developed.

Since the introduction of the highly flawed Hunting Act 2004 on the 18th February 2005, the Monmouthshire Hunt have continued to hunt with hounds, but do so within the law and restrictions of the act. Please click on the following link to see a copy of the Countryside Alliance's "The Case for Repeal". The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM) has also updated it's report "Hunting, Wildlife Management and the Moral Issue"... read more.

The Joint Masters and all who hunt are deeply grateful to all of the farmers and landowners who allow them to cross their country, enabling them to enjoy the thrill of trying to follow hounds in such a beautifully scenic, varied and demanding landscape

The hunt meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays during autumn and open season, although meets do take place on other days over the Christmas period and for children's meets during school holidays. The Hunt welcomes visitors and supporters, mounted or on foot. Mounted followers should make prior arrangements with the Honorary Secretary. For further information, please go to our "contacts" and "about us" pages.

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